Suture needles

Eyed suture needles are convenient and cost-effective because they can be used with any type of suturing material. Unimed offers a complete range of needles in two types of material: carbon steel (Unimed and Sutura) or stainless steel (Sutranox).

Unimed & Sutura

These two brands, of identical quality, are made of high grade DIN.1.2833 (C100W1) carbon steel with uniform Spring temper, nickel-plated against oxidation. Most types are available either with an open eye (Spring eye) or with a closed eye (Regular Eye).


These needles are made with stainless steel of superior quality, offering the best possible resistance to corrosion and a high degree of sturdiness combined with the essential flexibility. They are usually available with the convenient Spring Eye.

Sharp points and keen cutting edges are main features of our suture needles. They allow perfect ease of penetration and passage through tissue. Triangular, taper and trocar points are available in straight, curved and half-circle shapes.These products are supplied non-sterile with a cleanliness consistent with the requirements of the international standard ISO 7864 § 4. They can be sterilized by steam, dry heat, EtO gaz or by irradiation according to internationally accepted standards. The needles come in attractive transparent packs of one dozen, hermetically sealed.

Taper point

Triangular point

Trocar point