Connectors and stopcocks

Committed to the manufacture of high precision medical device components, Unimed offers a comprehensive range of fittings, adapters, tubing connections and stopcock valves based on the standard Luer system. All these parts are manufactured to be compatible to ISO 80369-7 (ex-ISO 594-1 and 594-2) standard for conical fittings with a 6 % (Luer) taper.

The following document Adapters, connectors and stopcocks illustrates some examples of precision made products we can manufacture. The components mentioned below can be manufactured in nickel and chrome plated brass or in stainless steel such as AISI 303 or AISI 316LS.

  • male and female Luer/Luer Lock adapters
  • caps, plugs, stops and extensions for needles/syringes
  • male and female tubing connectors
  • adapters and stopcocks for catheters
  • great variety of stopcocks and manifolds

On demand, connectors and stopcocks can reach sealing up to high pressure of 80 bars (about 1100 psi).

State-of-the-art machinery and equipment enable Unimed to produce customised parts and assemblies to your specifications in the materials of your choice.

One of our specialities are hypo tubing assemblies, i.e. tubings of any diameter and length mounted on brass or stainless steel female or male Luer hubs. Please see somme illustrations of our manufacturing possibilites of metric connectors and hubs by clicking on Luer Lock Leaflet.