Needles and cannulas

With almost 50 years of needle manufacturing experience, Unimed can offer a very comprehensive range of non-sterile reusable metal needles. Our needles are precision made to international standards and can be supplied as standard products or custom fabricated to your own specifications.

A needle is normally made of:

A cannula is made from a stainless steel tube with a bevel point or blunt end. For standard products we use AISI 304 type tubing with regular, thin or heavy wall, according to the intended use. Needles can also be made from AISI 316L or other materials on special order.

A Hub usually made from chrome plated brass, which fits Luer Tip or Luer Lock syringes or connections. RECORD fittings are also available. On request the hubs can also be manufactured in stainless steel or other materials.

Click on Bevel Lengths of our Injection Needles for a full list of our standard bevel lengths per needle diameter.

Unimed needles are usually manufactured in metric measurements, but are marked either with mm or gauge sizes, or both, according to our customers’ orders. Click on Conversion Chart for equivalents of metric and gauge/inch sizes.

The international standards ISO 594 for needle hubs and ISO 7864 for bevel configuration are applied in the manufacture of our needles. If you would like to access to our general product specification including hypodermic and medical technique needles, please click here.

For further information on our cleaning and sterilization procedure please click here.

Our standard cannulas can be offered with various type of point and used in very diverse applications. Our products offer point end with very high penetration performance as well as blunt end cannulas. We are manufacturing mainly 4 types of bevels and tip ends in our standard products range:

Blunt end

90 °

Regular bevel point

approx. 14 – 18°

Short bevel point

approx.  18 – 24°

Extra short bevel point

approx.  30 °

As an ISO 9001:2000 / 13485:2003 certified manufacturer, Unimed not only offers a full line of catalogue needle products but also an efficient custom manufacturing service capable of producing needles and tubular components to your specifications.

Our needles are divided in tree main families: